Copy Object in JavaScript

Different ways to copy object in JavaScript: 1) shallow copy Shallow copy keeps references to original objects, arrays or functions within the new object, so the »

JavaScript isEmptyObject

JavaScript isEmptyObject: Three ways to check if an object is empty as I know: 1) // jQuery implementation function isEmptyObject(obj) { var name; for ( name in obj »

Implied Globals

Implied Globals: Any variable you don't declare becomes a property of the global object in JavaScript. Two examples for demonstration: 1) function sum(x, y) { result »

JavaScript Array Tricks

Arrays are list-like objects that come with a several built-in methods to perform traversal and mutation operations. To learn more about Array methods, click here. Here »

JavaScript Closure

Like my other posts, I prefer to use actual code snippets, examples to explain a concept. This one is probably the most favorable JavaScript interview question, »