Static Members in JavaScript

Static properties and methods are those that don't change from one instance to another, which can be used without having to create an instance of the class. Let's take a look at an example in Java:

public class Car {
    public static String make = "Honda";
    public void run()

Car.make; // a static method
Car car = new Car();; // a normal method

In JavaScript there is no special syntax to denote static members. But we can still have the same syntax as in a "classy" language by using a constructor function and adding properties to it to simulate the syntax as in a "classy" language.

// constructor
var Car = function() {};

// a static method
Car.getMake = function() {
    return "Honda";

//a normal method added to the prototype
Car.prototype.getModel = function() {
    return "Civic";

Now let's call these methods. The static getMake() is invoked directly on the constructor, whereas the regular method needs an instance.

// calling a static method
Car.getMake(); // "Honda"

//creating an instance and calling a method
var car = new Car();
car.getModel(); // "Civic"

Attempting to call an instance method statically won't work; same for calling a static method using the instance car object:

typeof Car.getModel; // "undefined"
Car.getModel(); // TypeError: Object function () {} has no method 'getModel'

typeof car.getMake; // "undefined"
car.getMake(); // TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getMake'

Code below shows how you can have the same method being called statically and non-statically and behave slightly different, depending on the invocation pattern.

var Car = function(model) {
    this.model = model;

Car.getProperty = function() {
    var msg = "Honda";

    if(this instanceof Car) {
    msg += " " + this.model;

    return msg;

Car.prototype.getProperty = function() {

Test a static method call and an instance, non-static call.

Car.getProperty(); // "Honda"

var car  = new Car("Civic");
car.getProperty(); // "Honda Civic"

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